Uncompromised academics for dedicated winter sports athletes.

After 20 years as a private, tuition-based secondary school for dedicated winter athletes, The Winter Sports School will become a Utah State Charter School in 2014 -- the first public educational opportunity of its kind in the history of the United States.

The Winter Sports School runs its classes from April through November each year, leaving our students completely free to pursue their athletic ambitions to their fullest potential each winter, with no compromises between their athletics and academics. No other school provides such an opportunity.

We also do not have in-house athletic teams. We keep our students in great physical shape while classes are in session but, thoughout the year, our students are also free to train and compete with whichever coaches, support staff, and team members provide the best indivual fit. No other school provides the same level of flexibility.

When it comes to academics, our results are superb. One third of our most recent graduating class earned a composite score of 30 or higher on the ACTs, putting them at or above the 95th percentile in the country. Recent graduates have gone on to matriculate at such institutions as Dartmouth, Stanford, Williams, Middlebury, Johns Hopkins, Colby, Bates, NYU, Cal Poly... and the list goes on. Furthermore, feedback from those institutions confirms that our graduates arrive very well prepared for their college studies.

Athletically, our results are unparalleled. Our alumni base of about 300 graduates has collectively won 140 World Cup podiums, 56 World Cup Titles, 9 Overall World Cup Titles, 19 World Championship Medals, and 12 Olympic Medals. Some of their names may be familiar to you: Steve Holcomb '97, Julia Mancuso '00, Ted Ligety '02, Andrew Weibrecht '03, Bryan Fletcher '04, Joss Christensen '09, Alex Schlopy '09, Sarah Hendrickson '12, and more. During the recent Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, 10 of the United States athletes were WSS alumni, and they won 6 medals between them. No other secondary school in the nation comes close.

And now, we're taking our program public. In April, 2014, we will open our doors for the first time as a State Charter School, tuition-free for all Utah State residents. Finally, our program will be available to all local, dedicated student athletes, regardless of financial considerations.

But we need your help. This change will bring growth, and growth brings the need for new programs, new staff, and a new facility. Please support our efforts, and please accept our deepest thanks in advance.


The Winter Sports School in Park City

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