HELP US CHANGE THE ODDS FOR KIDS AND FAMILIES IN PARK CITY! Thanks to the generosity of Carol Carter, every dollar you give will be matched!

Our Promise
The Promise Park City Partnership envisions a seamless system of support that ensures our children and families have the opportunity to achieve their potential and is dedicated to meeting the needs of all children and families in the Park City School District and specifically providing targeted services to those that are socially and/or economically disadvantaged.

Today in Park City:
· 39% of kids live in families that make less than $29,000 a year (for a family of four)
· 75% of Caucasians own their own home, while only 2% of Hispanics own their own home
· 81% of Caucasian children have insurance coverage and receive regular medical care as compared to 50% of Hispanic children
· 94% of Caucasian students are achieving on grade level in language arts, compared with 66% of Hispanic students

Partners collaborate in Park City to address these economic disparities and remove barriers so that every child has the opportunity and tools to succeed.

Our Goals
1. Increase reading and math proficiency
2. Provide access to positive role models
3. Empower parents to engage in student learning
4. Ensure all children are ready to learn by age 5
5. Support a health home and connection (or access) to basic resources
6. A collaborative, communicative and outcomes focused leadership team

Join the promise to change the odds for kids and families by supporting the Promise Park City partnership and give today or give directly to one our partners.

The first $10,000 raised will be matched by longtime Park City resident Carol Carter, President of Industrial Compressor Products. Thanks to her generosity your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar. All donations will be used to directly support the work of Promise Partnerships in Park City.

Promise Partners
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Holy Cross Ministries
Park City Education Foundation
Park City School District
People’s Health Clinic
The Park City Foundation
United Way of Salt Lake

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