We provide immediate financial support to the families of fallen Utah law enforcement officers.

MISSION: Provide immediate financial support to the families of fallen law enforcement officers in the State of Utah and educational scholarships for the children of any Utah law enforcement officer.

In July 2010, Salt Lake Tribune national security reporter Matthew D. LaPlante followed his newspapers initial report of the death of a Wildwood, IL, soldier named Joseph Dimock with a longer story. He wrote:

"Dimock's decision to sacrifice himself to save a friend, last month, might have been nothing more than a split-second reaction to a horrifying situation. But as I slowly peeled back the layers of his all-too-short life, this week, I began to suspect that the way the 21-year-old soldier died was just an extension of how he lived."

So it is with those who make a conscious choice to serve their fellow citizens, be it in military service, in law enforcement, in public safety.

Some six months after that story was written, a group of concerned Utah citizens created the 1033 Foundation, to recognize not only the sacrifice, but the life of law enforcement officers who die in the line of duty, and those many spouses, children, parents and siblings who have supported that life. Our mission is simple, our response is immediate and our effort is constantly being enriched by a growing number of individuals who wish to participate.

On the day we learn of the fatality, we deliver—in person— a check for $25,000 to the fallen officer’s family. In many cases, other sources of financial support or health benefits are delayed for weeks, months, or even years, and our goal is to assure that grieving families who may well have lost their main breadwinner will be able to handle pressing expenses.

In addition, and in recognition that all who serve do, indeed, serve us as citizens, we provide college scholarships to the children of any law enforcement officer who qualify.

Not every citizen has had the opportunity to witness firsthand the incredible courage and commitment of these officers who put their lives on the line every time they go out. One night riding as observers in a police car taught us that lesson, and the 1033 Foundation is our effort to recognize what they do in a way that will have lasting effect.

Mona and Tore Steen, Founders

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