The vision of Summit Community Gardens is to foster opportunities to build community and grow local, sustainable food throughout Summit Co.

"My friend and I had never seen seeds before. That was cool. Did you know that the pea is actually the seed? These things are dried peas. And even though my friend didn't really want a plot of her own, she is now thinking about planting her own yard garden next year. This garden project helps people get over the scary hurdles of the unknown."

-H. Hall, First time gardener,

When Summit Community Gardens (SCG) launched in 2011, our mission was to foster opportunities to build community and grow local, sustainable food throughout Summit County - as there were no community gardens in the entire County at that time. Now, three years later, not only is Miss Billie's Garden flourishing but we have advised in the planning of at least three community gardens and have received expressions of interest from neighborhoods around the Snyderville Basin and Summit County about starting their own community gardens in 2014.

The benefits of a community garden extend far beyond the physical act of growing one’s own food. Community gardens provide an opportunity for physical exercise, time in the natural world and improved nutrition through increased vegetable consumption. Community gardens also bring people together around a common interest and break down social and physical barriers that might otherwise exist. In Miss Billie's garden we bring together small business owners, retirees, professional chefs, members of the Hispanic community and children of all backgrounds around a common interest and passion in sustainable, local food production. In an increasingly technological and isolated world, it’s a rare opportunity to get people out of their cars, away from their devices and not only engaging with their neighbors and friends, but also learning to appreciate the beauty and bounty of the natural world.

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