Recycle Utah believes that sustainability is everyone's business. We empower people to lead sustainable lives.

The Park City Conservation Association, dba Recycle Utah, was created over 20 years ago by local residents wishing to live in a clean, healthy, and environmentally-conscious community. At Recycle Utah, we are dedicated to promoting water conservation, recycling and reuse, and to providing environmental education and recycling/reuse services to the community.

Currently, we provide recycling services to over 1,000 residents per week and divert hundreds of tons of materials from the landfill every month, including hard-to-recycle items such as glass, EPS Styrofoam, and snow sports equipment. Our warehouse thrift store ensures that building materials and other household items are reused, instead of dumped in the landfill, and provides an economical and much-needed resource for local residents. Our environmental educators visit thousands of students throughout Summit and Wasatch Counties every year. And we host numerous community events, from environmental film screenings to composting and recycling workshops.

These efforts protect our precious water resources and the health of our community. Many of our collection programs don't make fiscal sense, but we believe that we have a responsibility to our community and to our environment to provide alternative, sustainable solutions to the problems of waste and consumption in our society. Our mission is to empower people to lead sustainable lives. We ultimately envision a zero-waste future for our community.

We welcome your hard-to-recycle items. We would be delighted if you volunteered your time. And, of course, we love your donations!

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