The People’s Health Clinic is a community-supported clinic that provides medical services to the uninsured in Summit & Wasatch Counties

You can make a difference!

We exist for our patients but we thrive because of our donors and volunteers...people just like you!

Donate online today and help contribute to a healthier community!

Curious about what your gift can do?

  • $15 donation for 1 quick influenza diagnostic test
  • $20 donation for 1 breathing treatment for an asthmatic patient.
  • $60 provides one health care visit
  • $120 provides 3 dental exams, cleaning and x-ray.
  • $200 provides a women's wellness visit and screening mammogram
  • $300 provides well-child visits for 5 children
  • $500 provides a patient with a 1-year supply of diabetic test strips and a glucose monitor.
  • $750 sponsors prenatal care for an expectant mother
  • $800 sponsors a day of dental (15 patients)
  • $1000 sponsors a morning clinic 8am-12pm
  • $2700 sponsors an entire day of clinic operations 8am-8pm

Our patients make a difference!

Each patient is asked to contribute $20 per visit but regardless of an ability to donate NO ONE IS TURNED AWAY. Over 80% of our patients contribute towards their chare.

Where we are TODAY!

  • Patient visits are up 5% over 2012. We anticipate over 10,000 patient visits in 2013.
  • Over 150 dedicated volunteers have donated 5100 hours of their time and talents so far. We project a total of 6200 hours by years end.
  • Dental services added in 2013 on a limited basis.

Our Clinic is funded by generous donations from individuals like you, in-kind contributions, and grants from private and family foundations. We receive no federal funding.

Your gift to the People's Health Clinic today, will make a difference in the lives of local residents.


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