The Park City Ski Education Foundation, PCSEF, was established to provide skiing opportunities for kids in the community.

The PCSEF was established in 1980 to provide our community’s youth with opportunities for athletic achievement in the sport of alpine skiing. Over the course of the past 30 years the organization has evolved into a top-level, nationally ranked program with proven results and credentials. PCSEF was named the United States Ski and Snowboard, USSA, club of the Year in 2000 and 2005. It claims an Olympic Gold medalist from 2006 and had an astounding 5 alumni named to the 2010 Vancouver Olympic alpine Team – more than any other program. Results are evidence, but as a means to an end, the program prides itself in the character building and human development that is necessary in the pursuit of excellence. The PCSEF, through it’s Park City Ski Team, instills passion for sport, self-discipline, commitment, goal setting, and sportsmanship as well as requiring that each athlete adhere to high academic standards in a drug-free team environment.

As Park City Ski Team administrators and coaches, it is our role to create a spirit and energy around our greatest asset – the mountain community we live in. As stewards, we are inspiring kids by challenging them to excel in many areas. The by-product of our work for the community ranges from alumni that have gone on to excel locally, other alumni athletes that have gone on to bring national and/or international recognition to our community or to those that have simply chosen to live healthier, well-rounded lives with more of an appreciation for the mountains.

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