We are dedicated to providing music students with scholarships for their lessons.

We started in 2003 offering scholarships to music students in Summit County, Park City area, and were able to offer 3 scholarships that year, and have grown since then to offering as many as 8 partial scholarships up to 2008. With the financial crisis, we were unable to raise donations from 2008 to the present, and have not been able to offer scholarships recently. Many of our scholarship recipients have graduated from high school and received scholarships in universities nationwide. Some of them have become members of youth orchestras and collegiate orchestras. We know that making music makes students smarter, and that music degrees open doors into law schools, medical schools, and master degree programs. As musicians and performers our faculty encourages students to prepare and practice daily for a healthy life in music. We feel music provides a well-balanced means for confronting and solving life's problems, focusing one's attention, and sharing the joy we find with others by working collaboratively.

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