The Holy Cross Ministries School Readiness Program helps Latino children succeed from the start.

The Holy Cross School Readiness Program provides early childhood and parent education in Park City. The overarching goal of Holy Cross Ministries’ school readiness program is to teach basic skills to at-risk students and to help parents get more involved in their children’s education.

Our School Readiness Program provides basic pre-literacy, behavioral, and physical education to 80 at-risk students. Our work allows us to ease students’ transition into kindergarten while ensuring that their special needs including transportation and cultural sensitivity are met.

The School Readiness program takes a holistic approach to early childhood education by ensuring that parents have the resources they need to stay involved in their child’s education. Holy Cross staff provide Parent Academy meetings, which cover topics such as navigating the complex school system, how to help children with reading and homework, gang prevention, safety, and other concerns. Parents are also invited to volunteer in the classroom and communicate regularly with teachers, who are able to offer individualized advice depending on the needs of each child. This approach, which simultaneously educates parents and children, helps nurture success and empowerment within families while integrating them into the formal school system.

Dalia's Story

Dalia's mom, Melissa was so excited about her daughter's newest hobby that she came in after class to share it with one of our School Readiness Teachers.

Melissa explained that Dalia loved her school so much that she started to teach classes to her stuffed animals. "She lines them up and teaches them letters, sings to them, and gives them homework! Last week my sister visited with her two-year-old and Dalia even tried to make him pay attention to a lesson about colors!"

The Holy Cross School Readiness Program was created not only to teach pre-literacy skills, but also to help children understand what it's like to be in a classroom. For kids who go to kindergarten without ever learning from a teacher, understanding how classes work can be very difficult. But not for Dalia, since being in the School Readiness classroom, she understands school so well that she decided to teach class herself!

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