Arts-Kids is an after-school youth development program using the expressive arts and group techniques to build community and life skills.

A story of one child:

Susie started Arts-Kids in third grade. She was withdrawn and had difficulty making friends. Often she hid under a desk in the classroom or hopped around the room like a frog. She was shy in the talking circle but quickly became absorbed in painting or drawing. However, when a dancer came to the group, she steathily moved behind the auditorium curtains and would not come out-despite efforts of the volunteer to coax her to participate.

Susie attended Arts-Kids and then Arts-Teens every semester through her Junior year in high school. She gained confidence in speaking up about herself and her needs. Arts-Kids and Arts-Teens was a place she felt safe. Her comfort with peers and expressing herself slowly blossomed over the years in Arts-Kids/Arts-Teens.


  • To build communication, problem solving, listening and social skills
  • To foster confidence and self-esteem in a non-competitive creative environment
  • To promote empathy among diverse populations ages 8-17
  • To build positive relationships with adult role models
  • To balance individuality with a sense of global community.

Arts-Kids offers facilitator-led programs to small groups of children and teens who are trying to deal with economic, social or emotional pressures, although the program can benefit any student who wishes to participate. There is no fee to participants, so your donation is essential to bring this program to our neighborhood's children such as Susie.

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